Brandon Barr – DMO, RMT, PTS

Founder of F.U.E.L.

Brandon's mission is to help people get more out of life.

An elite athlete in college, he was well acquainted with the resulting injuries and repetitive stress on the body. He pursued massage therapy and personal training to help other athletes manage these issues. But it wasn't long before he realized there were others who were needlessly suffering.

Through years of clinical experience and specialized training, Brandon has helped clients from all walks of life. Athletes, office workers, persons with disabilities and those with chronic illnesses have all experienced results thanks to his knowledge and skill.

He is committed to personal growth and expanding the ways in which he can help his clients. As a Registered Massage Therapist specializing in Mayofacial Release, a Certified Personal Trainer and with a Diploma in Osteopathy, he applies his extensive knowledge helping you with a tailored treatment plan.

We have been clients of Brandon’s for over 3 years now, so have nothing but good things to say. His technique is strong and so very effective. Took us a while to find someone who can work this way, so feel blessed. We both have desk jobs, so need to keep our bodies ‘tuned up’ for sure. Highly recommend Brandon.
— Dr. G